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Death is not the final journey nor,

the end to our purpose...

Mojo Travel Service offers a different kind of travel platform that's for sure. You see, this website and our services are about cremation ashe spreading. Which means... those ashes you've had in the closet, garage (or under your bed) for so many years can now be delivered by us into nature to travel their next journey. ​We provide this service in honor of those that have died, are living and yet to be. 

Ashes to ashes

Mountains and Hills: come alive with the "Sound of Music". Okay, that was corny but so true.

Forests: what would life be like without them? Hot, very hot and probably less food too.

Oceans and Deserts: you can't appreciate one unless you spend time in the other yet both are immensely nice to be in.

Bucket lists are for people with hope  "Someday, I'm going to go to that place..." 

About Us

We scatter cremation ashe

We help others move forward with this aspect of life. It is a simple yet profound experience on both the visceral and visual levels as many come to find their peace when ashes are set free.  

Cycle of Life

Cremation and the environment

"If we know the things of nature then we will better know ourselves and we may also come to  better understand and  respect the bond between life and death"

Urn Free

How much cremation ashe to keep

A keepsake portion of ashe is a nice amount for most, the rest we can deliver back to the earth. We also serve as urn donation center for those who  might have use of your donation.


We'll be there for you and do what needs to be done for everyone.

Regulations and nuances we understand. Trust that we can deliver. 

Peace of mind begins  when you let go and move forward with the rest of life.

Oh, the places we will go





Why Us

We connect past, present and future


By definition we scatter ashes though we believe it's more like we deliver them. Either way, trust that we'll do it right.

Let's do this

Use any "Book" or "Book the Journey" button

On this page, it's the blue box to the right of Dalai Lama. Elsewhere the button will take you to the booking page. 


Do we go anywhere?

Well, yes we do...

Within reason, legalities and cost there is no limit to where we will travel to. Even to "Paradise Falls" if you so choose.